Digital Detox Design invites you to take a break from the digital overload, to breathe and interact with space, matter and people in a pure and genuine way. Our desire is to elevate design’s scope, beyond the creation of furniture pieces and products, and nurture our deepest need: being human.

Smartphones usage is indeed producing negative effects on the quality of our lives: focus decrease, self-awareness related stress, memory impairment and depression. What would happen if we were to turn our devices off? Digital Detox Design draws from the importance to disconnect from our devices and reconnect to other dimensions of our existence.

The event is created and curated by Alessio Conti. The project aims, within the use of materials, colours and light to connect people to a wider network than any other, thanks to breathing and contact.





Alessio Conti

Art director

Alessio Conti made of talking his forte. He is a marketing consultant and tutor, and works as a squirrel (but only he knows what that means). Alessio is an out-of-the-box master dreamer, and believes in marketing as a transparent, ethical and sustainable way to create value. Marketing should be able to reach people by promoting culture and beauty.
His work has helped furniture and architecture practices as well as independent designers, and he co-organised of TEDxReggioEmilia and Bologna Design Week. He is a member of Social Warning - Movimento Etico Digitale (sarebbe ideale spiegare in breve che cos’è). Alessio holds a degree in Communications and he’s pursuing a second one in Philosophy, at the University of Bologna, Italy.
Digital Detox Design (non c’è bisogno di ripetere che sei il direttore artistico secondo me) it’s his latest project, born as a collaborative platform between brands, designers and artists.
He often complains about not having enough time to keep his wonderful website up to date. You’re invited to check with your own eyes at www.alessio-conti.it

Stefano Lodesani Studio

Exhibition design

After his master degree in architecture at Politecnico di Milano, Stefano Lodesani moved to San Francisco, California to attend the CCAC (California College of Artand Craft) and Berkeley University where he further consolidated the foundations for his career.
In 2010 he founded Stefano Lodesani Studio signing projects for prestigious fashion brands worldwide and private residences. He also designs restaurants and gelato shops in Italy and Idonesia and he’s also in charge of designing showrooms, exhibition booths and offices for a famous ceramic tiles company in China and Southeast Asia.

Matteo Bandi

Graphic design

Matteo Bandi is an Italian designer based in London. Graduated with distinction from the Royal College of Art in London, his practice focuses on the interactions between human and things. Designing objects with some extent of emotional behaviour is the core of his interest, and a space he aims to discover more. Fun and surprise are elements the designer tries to include in his process, with the intention of creating meaningful experiences.

Sapiens Design Studio

Product & web design

Sapiens Design was born from the cooperation of Alessandro Mattia and Gloria Gianatti, two design graduates from the Polytechnic of Milan from the sectors of Product and Interior Design respectively. The design philosophy of Sapiens Design is based on the belief that, despite being relatively easy to mass-produce, each product is created and used in an entirely unique way. It brings people closer both through its simple functionality and design, but also through its intent to stimulate creativity and imagination in everyday-life situations. The object is indeed designed to encourage interaction with its owner, allowing for the discovery of new possibilities and situations for its use. Each product has, in a sense, a unique "soul", and it was starting from this premise that Sapiens Design imagines and creates a future that is both functional and human: an evolving future. Sapiens Design wins the Red Dot Design Award 2019 with Oplàmp.