Alkemia 2020 turns into a cycle of three appointments online !

As you know, the event scheduled for Milan Design Week 2020 could not be realized and, in light of the events and the situation we are all experiencing, Alkemia has decided to reinvent itself. We asked ourselves how to create a new experience. We have spent these months to confront ourselves internally and transform our event.
Now we are ready to reconnect our experiences and our group of designers, artists and contributors through a journey made up of three meetings in streaming and, hopefully soon, a physical space.
Brands, designers, artists and speakers will accompany us on a path of reflection on art and design, on awareness in the use of our digital tools and on the role of the senses in the recovery of a richer life. Through the singularity and specificity of the artifacts and works proposed, Alkemia intends to stimulate a broader reflection on the meaning of creativity.
The collaboration between the manufacturing world, designers and artists makes it possible to create a path in which matter dissolves, purifies and recomposes itself.

The design object thus becomes a tangible sign of a transmutation, of creative processes that have their origins in alchemy.
A metamorphosis involving materials and ideas which, thanks to ingenuity, become products designed to meet contemporary practical and aesthetic needs.
In Alkemia, we are invited to a profound contact with the material that takes shape and soul: the objects on display are not generic "things" but specific narrated events. Each product or artistic artifact, in fact, is told through perfumes, music and words, in a journey through the three main states of the alchemical tradition (albedo, rubedo, nigredo).
A live evening is dedicated to each alchemical state on our YouTube and Facebook channel.

We are waiting for you for three evenings with Alkemia next 8 October, 5 November and 3 December from 8 pm to 9 pm to meet the protagonists of Digital Detox Design.

8 october
20:30 - 21:30


Pollini Home
Matteo Giannerini
Francesco Aiazzi
Ludovica Baraldi
Vera Pravda
Francesco Pozzi

5 november
20:30 - 21:30



Sapiens Design

Daniele Zamboni
Pietro Fabris
Francesca Catellani

Monica Bormetti
Stefano Lodesani Studio
Luigia Oberrauch Madella

3 dicember
20:30 - 21:30



Designers Guild
Profumi di Perugia

Matteo Bandi
Carlo Sargenti

Andrea Sommani
Caterina Belvedere
Niccolò Morgan Gandolfi
Gaetano Fiacconi 

Newtrain Manifesto
Social Warning - Movimento Etico Digitale





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