Andrea Sommani

Andrea Sommani graduated in piano (2010) and composition (2015) from the conservatory “F. Morlacchi” (Perugia), under the direction of Fabio Cifariello Ciardi.

With the aim of improving his theoretical music knowledge and skills, he also earned a bachelor’s degree in “Musicology” at the “University of Perugia” (2013), and regularly attended composition classes in Latina with Salvatore Sciarrino, and in Siena at the “Chigiana Accademy”.

He investigated the relationship between contamporary and traditional music during many residences (Siena 2016; Matera 2019). He wrote chamber, orchestral and vocal music.

Alkemia project


Esperanto inspires Andrea Sommani’s new composition “Limes” premiered for Alkemia project and played by the soprano Caterina Belvedere.

"It is difficult to establish when the human voice crosses the border of verbal meaning and flows into the stormy sea of ​​musical sounds: a land in which any possibility of 

communication is not subordinated to a particular language but relies on sensitivity, attention , listening to every human being. It is perhaps in this aspect that the utopian and visionary experiment of Zamenhof, the dream of a common language for all people, approaches the composer’s work.”