Ascari i Falegnami

Ascari i falegnami launches its home furnishings business in Nonantola in 1974. In 1980 from a small workshop the company has grown to major industrial status, including an internal design department able to propose fitting home furnishing for every customer needs. The workshop adopts more and more leading-edge technologies, and starts to work with specialist architects from Emilia Romagna. During these years the company's image and brand achieve strong credibility, but we always keeping as a guideline the aim to come up with the best solutions and offer the best services.          



Duna is the sideboard with flaunting clean-cut and linear style while maintaining a strong artisan character. It has been created to fit spaces using clear and essential elements, marked by precision shapes, excellent finishing and high pure project.  

The connection between textures and material options create a visual and tactile experience.  The design concept: the projection of a pure geometrical shape in a space using materials and colours.



The Susy table is characterized by equilibrium and strength. it is at the same time a sculptural piece: 5 cm table top and a one piece iron support base, generated through an interplay of variations of proportions.

This table keeps its aesthetical perfection and is highly adaptable to suit all home and work environments. The top of the table can be chosen in a selection of wood or material effect.