Czech Design Week

Czech Design Week

Czech Design Week participates at Alkemia by Digital Detox Design with a new project of František Jungvirt. Bologna 23-28 september 2019

“I chose the most traditional thing of Czech glassmaking and why they know us in the world, cut lead crystal and traditional painting. Nostalgic things for us now. Items that every grandmother has in her showcase. Swans, baskets, platters, tea mugs, glasses. I created a shop window. You also look at those festive objects of folkiness, tradition through as glass.”

“I intentionally exposed these items to a borax bath. Tradition, craft, taste that changes and “crystallizes” somewhere. The tradition of cut crystal is slowly becoming a treasure on the day of the sea. Nevertheless, these elements can be transformed into current forms. The contemporary form for these things could be layers of crystals on their surface.”

František Jungvirt – Czech Design Week

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