Digital Detox Design presented ‘Alkemia’, from 23 to 28 September at Bologna Design Week 2019. After Living Experience, in via Solferino 11 in Milan during Fuorisalone last edition, Digital Detox Design finally landed in Bologna at CERSAIE festival with its brand new project inspired by the world of alchemists.

Alkemia is an art route where matter is dissolved, purified and recreated. Design items become tangible signs of a transmutation, of a creative process that originates from alchemy. Extraction, fusion, scalding and welding are all forms of transformation techniques still implied in the creation
of materials like stoneware or steel. A transmutation which involves especially ideas, that become products created in order to satisfy an array of contemporary and aesthetic needs, with the aid of intelligence.

Pieces by Ascari Falegnami, Doodesign, Matteo Bandi, Matteo Giannerini, Pollini Home, Nestart and Sapiens Design was displayed in Bologna. Sapiens Design is by the way winner of the Red Dot Award 2019 in the Product Design category. Czech Design Week presented its product which has been selected for the next edition that will take place in Praha next December.
The exhibition space set up was by Stefano Lodesani Studio, that has already developed important projects for exhibitions like ‘Confessionals’ by Michael Kenna in 2017 and the recent one about Antonio Fontanesi at the Musei Civici in Reggio Emilia, featuring Adiacenze.

Fragrances was provided by Olfattiva, with the advisory of Daniele Zamboni who was also be in charge of composing the music. Visual art was by Lorenzo Fornaciari and Francesca Catellani.

Digital Detox Design is a project that invites us to get rid of all our informational overload through the creation of spaces where breathing and interacting with people and matter are possible. The idea behind this project is that of lifting design up to a new level, beyond the simple design of furnishing complements. A design that satisfies our deepest need: that of being human.
The constant use of smartphones is in fact causing negative outputs on the quality of our lives, both at an individual and social level. Less concentration, performance stress, memory decrease, depression, loss of analytical skills. Digital Detox Design aims at bringing attention around the importance of disconnecting from our smartphones to reconnect to other areas of our existence, to recover the real sense of our actions and of our lives, to take back the beauty and intensity of the present moment.
Created and curated by Alessio Conti, this project aims at connecting people via the widest net of all, that of breathing and physical contact. And it does so through design and the choice of materials, color and light.

Brands & Designers

Ascari Falegnami

Czech Design Week


Matteo Bandi

Matteo Giannerini


Pollini Home

Sapiens Design



The space was set up at ADIACENZE, in Vicolo Spirito Santo 1/B in Bologna. ADIACENZE is a hybrid and dynamic space, where pure emergent art and experimental worlds belonging to the fields of publishing, illustrations, comics and design flank each other and blend.

Dates and times exhibition:

23-28 september 2019
from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Vernissage and press review

23 September 2019
from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Design Night

25 september 2019
from 7:00 pm to midnight

Finissage Cocktail Party

28 september 2019
from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

An event created and curated by Alessio Conti
Design: Stefano Lodesani Studio/ Adiacenze
Logo and graphics: Matteo Bandi
Website: Sapiens Design Studio

Contacts: Alessio Conti
cell. +39 3471034602
Instagram: /digitaldetoxdesign
Facebook: /digitaldetoxdesign