Doodesign, a team of interior designers who prioritise sourcing furnishing components that reflect the client's personality. Sometimes research is not enough and Doodesign becomes a catalyst for ideas that turn into bespoke design products.

Doodesign  started a collaboration with multifaceted artist Niccol√≤ Morgan Gandolfi (who is of American origin) and so project Stele outdoor collection was born. Gandolfi's work is characterized by the use of natural / traditional elements that create a bridge between past and present. The result is an atmosphere reminiscent of the vintage Italian garden, where terracotta  with its characteristic colors,  plays a fundamental role.           


Outdoor collection

Gandolfi was inspired by the 18th century engraver and architect, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, one of the last heirs of the Rococo. The seats of terracotta, take the shape of an ancient broken column revisited in shape and color; entirely handmade, each piece can be defined as unique. The concept transform a garden as if it were instead a place steeped in grandeur and decadence typical of the past, emphasized by the presence of an isolated architectural element, instead of being just a normal chair. 

The seats are stackable, thus further creating the illusion of real columns, as if one was rambling through the remains of an ancient theater. 

The coffee table with its cylindrical base of pure terracotta, reminiscent of a fine vase, with a  top of black glass that emulates the images created by holding a mirror to water, almost like a well.