Francesco Aiazzi

Francesco, an independent all-round designer, after the Politecnico di Milano, consolidated his experience working for one of the most renowned US branding agencies for several years. In 2015 he becomes a freelancer founding his own creative studio in Milan that deals with commercial and cultural projects, from concept to realization. Particular attention is paid to visual identity and marketing strategy to achieve targeted, clear and effective communication. In the last year, thanks to collaborations in the furniture and events sector, he designs and projects furniture components, objects and temporary installations. In May 2020 he constitutes with other partners an innovative startup for new design's projects.     

To • BE

Being a chair like You are

Living in our frantic, consumistic and standardized society, we no longer realize the beauty that surrounds us and the value of each of us as single and different individual. The Earth must be protected and we must value what we have. The purpose of TO•BE is to make a common and everyday object into a personal and original one, and to raise awareness about reuse. Therefore the project of a chair with the same eco-sustainable wooden 

skeleton, but with backrest and seat with infinite possibilities of customization is born: TO•BE is a unique and original chair in which to reflect one's being. Different types of wood and glass, ceramic and fabric inserts. TO•BE will become a line of chairs and tables aimed at reuse and restart the product, every time new. TO•BE is "being" a new, different, original and sustainable way of thinking.