Digital Edition

october 8, november 5 and dicember 3
20:30 21:30

Alkemia 2020 turns into a cycle of three online appointments!

As you know, the event scheduled for Milan Design Week 2020 could not be realized and, in light of the events and the situation we are all experiencing, Alkemia has decided to reinvent itself. We asked ourselves how to create a new experience.

We have spent these months to confront ourselves internally and transform our event. Now we are ready to reconnect our experiences and our group of designers, artists and contributors through a journey made up of three meetings in streaming and, hopefully soon, a physical space.

Discover the program of Alkemia 2020 - digital edition!

About us

Digital Detox Design invites you to take a break from the digital overload, to breathe and interact with space, matter and people in a pure and genuine way. Our desire is to elevate design’s scope, beyond the creation of furniture pieces and products, and nurture our deepest need: being human.

Smartphones usage is indeed producing negative effects on the quality of our lives: focus decrease, self-awareness related stress, memory impairment and depression. What would happen if we were to turn our devices off? Digital Detox Design draws from the importance to disconnect from our devices and reconnect to other dimensions of our existence.

The event is created and curated by Alessio Conti. The project aims, within the use of materials, colours and light to connect people to a wider network than any other, thanks to breathing and contact.



Czech Design Week 2019

After the succes of Bologna Design Week 2019, Alkemia went to Prague for the Czech Design Week 2019, with a selection of brand new
products and materials: Matteo Giannerini, NestArt, Pollini Home and Sapiens Design.
Exhibition space designed by Stefano Lodesani Studio.


Bologna Design Week 2019

During Bologna Design Week 2019, Digital Detox Design presents “Alkemia”.  In via Solferino 11 at Milano Fuorisalone, Digital Detox Design Digital Detox Design arrives in Bologna with a completely new project that draws inspiration from the world of alchemists.


Milan Design Week 2019

During the Milano Design Week 2019, Digital Detox Design organised “Living Experience” which was visited by over 8000 people. Thanks to art and design, we started a conversation about disconnecting from our devices to reconnect with other dimensions of existence and get back a sense of our actions and life.



Alessio Conti


Cell.: +39 3471034602
Instagram: /digitaldetoxdesign
Facebook: /digitaldetoxdesign