Luigia Oberrauch


Luigia Oberrauch is the secretary of the Esperanto Association Giorgio Canuto of Parma. The Esperanto Association Giorgio Canuto of Parma is part of the Italian Esperanto Federation, which aims to inform the public about the international language Esperanto and its ideals of respect for all languages and cultures. Esperantists deal with commerce, tourism, literature, poetry, cinema, music, etc. If you want to know more, please, don't hesitate to check out our sites and to contact us..    


a Dream that Goes on

What does the name Esperanto mean? It means “the hopeful”, and we all have a right to hope. The language was born from the dream of a kid, in the pogrom-ridden Belarus at the end of the Nineteenth Century. In his hometown people of different ethnic groups did not understand each other, with reciprocal hate. Therefore, little Ludoviko Zamehof had the idea that as a grown-up he would invent a language, with which everybody could  

talk on the same level, melting down with the greater understanding all stereotypes and fears. Today his neutral language is spoken in the whole world, by people of different classes, religions and ethnical backgrounds, who cooperate to get slowly closer to the dream of greater respect and justice for humanity.