Matteo Giannerini

Matteo Giannerini, born in 1977, after having attended Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence, began to travel by focusing on local traditions through anthropological observation. The desire is to investigate the relationship between man and society to represent it in an iconic and subversive design.
For 20 years he has been collaborating with different companies - from start-ups to small/medium enterprises - indiscriminately with industrial processes and small craftsmen, for the "Home Automation" sector, furniture brands and hi-tech companies.     


Lamps and tulip vases

This project MINE questions the eternal attraction of mankind for weapons and their forms. An attraction that may originate from man's ancestral instinct towards evolution, already present among the first individuals who built objects for hunting and for their personal defense, turning them into real tools for the progress of the species. Design is therefore seen as an alchemical transformation process that firstly frees the designer himself, and at the same time offers a solution beyond the familiar collective imaginary. The shape of these objects takes its inspiration from the mines used in modern naval wars, which were attached to the ground by means of chains and were kept floating, waiting for the next collision.

MINE is a line of furnishing that redefines its use by reproducing definite shapes, inducing a reflection on one's already absorbed culture. It therefore invites us to go beyond our knowledge and the impositions of society.

The items are a reproduction of the tulip vase and a series of hanging lamps aesthetically emotional, characterized by their handmade production that makes each piece of the collection unique. The tulip vases and the lamps are in enamelled ceramics, whereas the supports are made of welded iron.