NestArt produces metallic surfaces never seen before. The interior design confines are been redrawn by advanced aesthetics, sustainability and fine finishes.

NestArt uses only optimized steel for laser cutting SSAB Swedish Steel to create long-lasting, non-deformable and resistant to oxidation products.

NestArt creates products with endless applications, ideal for coverings, decorative items and furniture. Its unique objects are shaped and characterized by careful craftsmanship.

NestArt, reusing and giving value to scrap materials, optimizes the use of raw materials and reduces the CO2 emissions, having a positive impact on the environment.           



We produce products ideal for horizontal and vertical coatings, paneling, decorative elements and furniture. Unique objects as they derive from an ever-changing production flow and careful craftsmanship.

NestArt is constantly looking for new solutions for metalworking and the combination of different materials in order to create unexpected surfaces to meet design and architectural needs: 

. Panel, medium-low thickness, laser cut and painted or decorated;

. High thickness panel, laser cut and filled with low thickness metal tesserae, reworking of the wooden inlay;

. Panel, of variable thickness, laser cut and filled with tesserae of different materials (ceramic, wood, microcement, resin, ..)

The project won the Rebell 2019 contest.