Profumi di Perugia

Carlo Sargenti is the soul of the Profumi di Perugia, the artistic perfumery, a stone's throw from the Church “del Gesù”, in the ancient Sopramuro square today Matteotti square, to the left of Volte della Pace street, in the ancient Rimbocco del Cherubino, today Sant 'Andrea street: this is the path in the heart of the Town to reach a large door that gives access to the atrium of an ancient palace, laid on medieval remains and Etruscan foundations. This is where an unexpected world opens, Profumi di Perugia. An atelier of alchemical weaves between aesthetics, pleasure and evocative emotions. It is a sensory path  guided by Carlo Sargenti, Master Perfumer Naturopath, with the support of his wife Morena and his son Giacomo.

Acqua di Perugia Collection

Albedo, Citrinitas, Rubedo, Nigredo 

The Acqua di Perugia Collection takes inspiration from Alchemical Fragrances to effect the transmutation of medieval poison called PERFUME acqua or acquetta perugina into PERFUME.

The perfumes of the Acqua di Perugia collection offer a unique experience in accordance with the natural order of things through the four phases of the Alchemical transformation as reported in La Grande Opera, "Opus Magnum".