Sapiens Design

Sapiens Design, based in Milan, was born from the meeting between Alessandro Mattia and Gloria Gianatti, designers graduated at the Polytechnic of Milan respectively in Product and Interior Design. The design philosophy of Sapiens Design is based on the belief that, despite being made in series, each product lives in a unique way. Relating to the human being through its form-function, every object follows us in everyday life, stimulating curiosity and imagination. This interaction between subject and object allows us to discover and invent new possibilities and opportunities of use. Every object posses, in this sense, a soul. And it is starting from this soul that Sapiens Design imagines a humanized and functional future: an evolved future.           


Coffe tables

YSO is a pair of stackable tables of different heights. 

The hexagonal shape of the stoneware top, the stackability and the 

lightness of the structure gives YSO a strong geometric-architectural value.

YSO born from the collaboration of Sapiens Design and Pollini Home.


Home furnishings

Intrecci is a series of home furnishings created to promote the folk traditions of loom-working techniques. Intrecci acts as a “trait d'union” for distant cultures and territories that over the years have revived ancient crafts from the north and south, both with their own peculiarities, but both with the honest philosophy of recycling. These fabrics are made with recycled materials woven with mulberry, hemp or cotton. 

We have included new materials in the manufacture and we have unearthed the potential for new uses: the wooden slats woven in the fabric can become vertical elements of the table, the metal wiring allows the fabric to be shaped and give life to a reconfigurable table storage compartment. Taking advantage of traditional weaving we obtain the coupling elements to the magazine rack framework.


Table lamp

Bright lighting and changing moods define Oplàmp, a lamp that both offers and invites different and innovative uses. Oplàmp is a table lamp composed of a ceramic body and a solid durmast base on which an LED light source is placed. Thanks to its shape, obtained through the fusion of three cones, the Oplàmp's body can be rotated to three alternative positions that creates different types of light. Oplàmp simultaneously projects two beams of light that create different combination: high table lamp + ambient light, low table lamp + ambient light, or simply two ambient lights.

Its design aims to enhance the relationship between people and their living space by combining functionality, lighting and materials.

The beams of light that are produced are an idealistic projection of its shape within space and they create an appropriate atmosphere that interacts with its surroundings.

All components are made in their entirety in Italy.