Vera Pravda

Independent artist, Vera Pravda confronts aspects of human impact on environment and on society, crystallising visive reflections through the means of decontextualisation and appropriation of languages from other fields, such as marketing, economics and politics.

Vera Pravda deals with environmental and social issues through the sense of displacement and short circuit, understood as programmatic relationship tools, triggers for cultural detonations, open doors to lateral thinking. Installations, art actions, murals and paintings are intended as constructive actions to intervene positively with contemporary society, generating tangible changes. The goal is to allow the viewer to elaborate their point of view and leaving the field open to a multitude of dimensions and ideas, in a growing spiral of new meanings, increasing awareness.

Vera Pravda actualises ancient techniques with modern materials, such as paints reducing air pollution and NOx or gilt on plastic wrappings. The aim is to create continuity with the past looking actively to the future, linking together a long-studied stratification of art history directly answering the public for its own point if view, in a vision that is never statutory or unique.           


Anti-smog painting on canvas

The paintings of the CosmoCromie series are big size canvases (240 x 180 cm). Each one is dedicated to a different color range, arise from a reflection on the relationship with color and the universe of sensations that emerge in the relationship with it.

At the same time, each painting represents forms of plant elements, enhanced with gilding inserts, with the idea of ​​rediscovering and transmitting the emotions related to contact with nature.

CosmoCromie is a series made with special anti-smog paints normally used in constructions.  A square meter of surface painted with these colors purifies the air like a square meter of forest (up to -88.8% NOx).  The choice to use these paints is for Vera Pravda a way to transmit with art a message of respect for the environment and to have a real positive impact on our live.