Digital Detox Design supports designers, brands, and artists by promoting valuable initiatives geared toward the conscious use of digital technologies.

Alongside important opportunities, the digital world is producing negative effects on the quality of our lives both individual and social levels such as reduced concentration, approval stress, memory problems, and isolation.

For while it has never been easier to find information, stay in touch with others, and use services conveniently and easily, hyperconnection manifests aspects that are far from desirable.

Starting with the reflections of communication professionals, psychologists and philosophers, we asked ourselves how design culture could help elevate design to a higher level to respond first and foremost to our deepest need, to be human. How can objects, furnishings, fragrances and lighting systems help us recover depth in our daily lives?

Convinced that reclaiming the meaning of our actions, beauty and intensity of the moment requires quality time, listening, silence and good relationships, we create unique experiences between art and design in which to live fully in the present.