Digital Detox Design supports designers, brands, and artists by promoting valuable initiatives geared toward the conscious use of digital technologies.

Alongside important opportunities, the digital world is producing negative effects on the quality of our lives at both individual and social levels such as reduced concentration, approval stress, memory problems and isolation. If on the one hand it has never been so easy to find information, stay in touch with others, use services in a comfortable and easy way, on the other hand hyper-connection manifests aspects that are anything but desirable.

Starting from the reflections of communication professionals, psychologists and philosophers, we asked ourselves how design culture could help to raise design to a higher level in order to respond first of all to our deepest need, to be human. How can objects, furnishings, fragrances and lighting systems help us regain depth in our everyday life?

Convinced that reclaiming the meaning of our actions, beauty and intensity of the moment requires quality time, listening, silence and good relationships, we create unique experiences between art and design in which to live fully in the present.

Digital Detox Design invites us to purge ourselves from information overload through installations and paths in which we can breathe and interact with matter and people, bringing attention to the importance of disconnecting from our smartphones to reconnect with other dimensions of life. To do this, we seek to better understand our most sophisticated technology, the mind, through a mindful approach to existence, and to relate it to what we design according to principles of cognitive and emotional ergonomics.


We want a world capable of consciously integrating digital technologies, where humans and the environment are at the center of every experience and not data serving algorithms. A world free of stereotypes, where not everything has to be connected and communicated.


We create experiences of reconnecting with matter and people through pathways between art and design in which to experience beauty. We promote a technology-aware culture by supporting the work of brands, designers and artists.


At the center of modern design culture we place happiness, which necessarily comes from a sense of deep sharing, respect for the environment, cultures and differences. We imagine new living spaces every day, different from those to which we have been educated.

Alessio Conti

Art Director

Alessio Conti talks a lot. He is a marketing consultant and trainer and works like a squirrel (only he knows what that means). A stainless and out-of-the-box dreamer, he believes in a marketing capable of generating value in a transparent, ethical and sustainable way: a marketing that excites by bringing culture and beauty.

He collaborates with furniture brands, architectural firms, independent designers and and is co-organizer of TEDxReggioEmilia and Bologna Design Week. He is also a member of Social Warning – Digital Ethics Movement. He holds a degree in Communication Sciences, the he studied Philosophy in Bologna and is currently enrolled in a Master in Contemplative Studies at the Faculty of Psychology in Pauda.
Digital Detox Design, of which he is artistic director, is his latest project created through the collaboration between manufacturing companies, designers and artists.